Tuesday, September 16, 2014
Fun Castle_Maple_Ontario

Escape into the magical castle wonderland at Fun Castle, where imaginations are set free and the whole world is your oyster.

Fun Castle is full of quality entertainment for children of all ages:

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Fun Castle_Maple_Ontario
for little princes and princesses aged 2 – 5 years old

Fun Castle_Maple_Ontario
for kings and queens ages 6 and older

Fun Castle_Maple_Ontario
for all ages who want to get into the action from the hottest electronic games and arcade entertainment.
 Fun Castle_Maple_Ontario

Fun Castle is perfect for your next birthday party, baby shower, company function, bar/bat mitzvah,
or any other event.

Each room can be private or, if you need more space, we can adjust the walls so that it there is enough space for all of your guests to relax and have fun.

Make your next event a day to remember! Fun Castle…Where Your Child Is Treated Like Royalty!

Fun Castle | 2338 Major Mackenzie Drive Unit 7, Maple, Ontario L6A 3Y7 | Phone: 905-417-6667